Mathematics Mastery Primary

A well-sequenced curriculum with PD interwoven throughout

Our fully resourced and adaptable curriculum covers reception to year 6 and comes with a unique professional development programme. The training and support are embedded seamlessly through the resources for ease of access and relevance, ensuring teachers can access bite-sized PD when they need it most.

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What's included in the programme?

At a glance here's what you'll have access to when you join Mathematics Mastery Primary Key Stage 1 Tailored tier:

What you'll receive

Ready-to-use teaching and planning resources:

  • A complete curriculum for Reception and Key Stage 1 that’s easily adaptable for your class.
  • Integrated assessments to check pupil understanding and monitor progress.
  • Created by subject experts and practitioners, based on research and real classroom experience.

PD that builds subject teaching expertise:

  • Sustained, collaborative professional development that’s integrated across the programme.
  • Embedded in curriculum, assessment and programme implementation, making it relevant and immediately actionable.
  • Covering subject knowledge, pedagogic delivery, curriculum design, formative assessment and more.
  • Tailored to your school, for your teachers and leaders.

What you'll achieve

Schools who partner with Mathematics Mastery Primary consistently see improved pupil outcomes.

Here's what our programme helps schools just like yours to achieve:

  • Engaged pupils, enjoying their maths lessons more.
  • Pupils with a deeper understanding of key concepts.
  • More impactful use of teacher time.
  • Improved staff confidence in subject teaching.
  • Consistency across the school.
Our impact

Explore the programme in more detail

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Get a peek at what's inside the Mathematics Mastery Primary programme with these sample materials, including planning guidance, lesson slides, Maths Meetings and integrated assessment.

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Our no obligation free trial allows you to explore the Mathematics Mastery Primary curriculum resources in more depth via our MyMastery online learning platform.

Webinars with founder of Mathematics Mastery

A deep dive into primary maths success: six secrets shared

Webinar | Tuesday 7 March | 4pm

If you're looking to make a significant impact on your maths delivery next year, this event is for you. 

Join Dr Helen Drury, our Director of Curriculum Programmes and the founder of Mathematics Mastery, to discover the secrets of success for our high performing partner schools.

Fluency and practice in high performing schools

Catch up

What’s the magic formula? When schools in areas of disadvantage get great SATs results, what is behind their success?

Watch this webinar from November 2022 to hear how they do it. What’s the same and what’s different in the approaches they take? We pull out the key take aways for other schools looking to improve their maths SATs outcomes.

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