Mathematics Mastery Primary

A well-sequenced curriculum with PD interwoven throughout

Our fully resourced and adaptable curriculum covers Reception to Year 6 and comes with a unique professional development programme. The training and support are embedded seamlessly through the resources for ease of access and relevance, ensuring teachers can access bite-sized PD when they need it most.

Each school receives support from their dedicated Delivery Lead who will visit the school and is available by phone or email to provide help and advice, whenever you need it.

97% of school leaders in our schools agreed that Mathematics Mastery Primary  is  having a positive impact on pupil progress.

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What's included in the programme?

What you'll receive

Ready-to-use teaching and planning resources:

  • A complete curriculum that’s easily adaptable for your class.
  • Integrated assessments to check pupil understanding and monitor progress.
  • Created by subject experts and practitioners, based on research and real classroom experience.

PD that builds subject teaching expertise:

  • Sustained, collaborative professional development that’s integrated across the programme.
  • Embedded in curriculum, assessment and programme implementation, making it relevant and immediately actionable.
  • Covering subject knowledge, pedagogic delivery, curriculum design, formative assessment and more.
  • Tailored to your school, for your teachers and leaders.

What you'll achieve

Schools who partner with Mathematics Mastery Primary consistently see improved pupil outcomes.

Here's what our programme helps schools just like yours to achieve:

  • Engaged pupils, enjoying their maths lessons more.
  • Pupils with a deeper understanding of key concepts.
  • More impactful use of teacher time.
  • Improved staff confidence in subject teaching.
  • Consistency across the school.