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Our fully resourced and adaptable curriculum comes with a unique professional development programme which gives staff the confidence to deliver quality maths teaching, which results in pupil success.

Deliver the Key Stage 1 programme this school year for only £1110* – that’s 80% off the standard price.

This subsidised price is thanks to the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), who believe in the positive impact of Mathematics Mastery Primary.

Limited places available so register your interest now.

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What is Mathematics Mastery Primary?

Whatever your challenges…

“I need to close the attainment gap but don’t know how.”
“My staff are overloaded; I want to help them do what they do best – teach!”
“Ofsted will be here soon, so we need to get our curriculum in order.”
“I don’t have time to try things, I need something that is proven to work.”

… Mathematics Mastery Primary makes an impact!

The programme is designed to liberate teachers to focus on the most impactful teaching while building maths subject expertise and confidence. This brilliantly sequenced curriculum integrates pedagogical expertise with professional development, classroom planning, delivery, assessment and intervention resources for year groups from reception to year 6.

Mathematics Mastery Primary has been shown by the Education Endowment Foundation to give Key Stage 1 pupils on average two month’s additional progress after one year on the programme.

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Join now for a subsidised rate

You can deliver the Key Stage 1 programme starting this school year for only £1110* – that’s 80% off the standard price.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) believe so strongly in the positive impact of Mathematics Mastery Primary at Key Stage 1, they are providing support for more schools to join the programme. This funding has just been released for the academic year 22/23 and there are initially only 30 places available.

* This subsidised rate is only available to state-funded schools in England who sign up for two years. The price of £1110 is per annum and is ONLY for Key Stage 1 Tailored tier. Key Stage 2 Tailored tier can be added for an additional cost ranging from £1300 – £1815 per annum. Speak to our team for more information.

“In our first cohort of pupils learning through the Mathematics Mastery programme, the proportion of pupils working at or above the expected level in maths has risen from 68% to 79% in one year."

Tom Garry, Deputy Head Teacher

Angel Oak Academy

Fluency and practice in high performing schools

Webinar | Tuesday 29 November | 4pm

What’s the magic formula? When schools in areas of disadvantage get great SATs results, what is behind their success?

In this webinar you'll hear how they do it. What’s the same and what’s different in the approaches they take? We pull out the key take aways for other schools looking to improve their maths SATs outcomes.

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