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Our Mathematics Mastery Primary programme helps children feel more at ease with maths by developing knowledge of underlying concepts. This approach is improving children’s progress.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) found that pupils in primary schools adopting the Mathematics Mastery programme made more progress than those at a similar level in other schools. In fact, research shows that after just one year on the programme, Key Stage 1 pupils made an average of two months’ additional progress.

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Teachers tell us Mathematics Mastery Primary works

The programme is trusted by 329 schools using it with 100,000 pupils  nationwide. We believe the best source of feedback comes from teachers with experience of putting the curriculum into practice and the feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive.

97% of school leaders in our partner schools agreed that the programme is having a positive impact on pupil progress.

Plus, Ark, one of the highest performing MATs, with higher proportions of disadvantage, achieves SATs results more than twice the national average using the programme. Additional evidence that the Mathematics Mastery Primary approach delivers results.

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Fluency and practice in high performing schools

Webinar | Wednesday 30 November

What’s the magic formula? When schools in areas of disadvantage get great SATs results, what is behind their success?

Join us to hear how they do it. What’s the same and what’s different in the approaches they take? We will pull out the key take aways for other schools looking to improve their maths SATs outcomes.

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